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Solar Power Monitoring Solutions


Electricity monitoring solutions, suitable for the monitoring of:

  • Total power consumption from one or multiple sources
  • Total solar power from one or more inverters
  • Solar power with either Gross / Net metering
  • Individual power box circuits
  • 10A Socket appliances
  • Temperature, light and motion sensing
  • SMART Solar Power : Excess export to appliances on auto pilot
  • Data on all PC / Mobile hardware platforms


Choosing An Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solution




Knowing Your Meter Type And Tariff Is Important?

Gross Or Net Meter? : This will affect how your energy monitoring system is installed and configured. Get it right so you get ALL the information you NEED! Finally you will know what is going on with your generation, consumption, import and export. Helping you maximise your solar investment.

Some energy monitoring systems, DO NOT DELIVER all of the information you need!


    So what kind of Feed In Tariff [FIT] are you connected to?   Gross or Net?

    Gross FIT : Consumption   =   Import          Generation   =   Export


    Net FIT : Consumption   =   Generation   +   Import   -   Export



Aussie Homes Confused Over Net Metered Solar Systems

BEWARE Large Net Metered Solar Can Export Your Investment! : Why are householders installing a 3 kW to 5 kW solar power system, when there is little power demand during the sunny hours. A fridge plus other small appliances means little financial return, when paid six or eight cents per exported kW.

In NSW each 1 kW of power exported annually returns ONLY an average of $85 per year!

If this sounds like your home? ALL IS NOT LOST as there is a far quicker way to maximise the $ return.

What You Do Not Know : With Net metering you do not know export and consumption.


      BEFORE SOLAR : Consumption = Imported Power

      NOW AFTER SOLAR : Consumption = Generation + Import - Export


What You Need To Do : You need data to be in an educated position to act, manage and save. Save meaning using less imported power and more generated power. Installing an energy monitoring system is the ONLY way to get this data!

Start Saving Fast! : Installing an Energy Monitoring System will supply you with the missing data :

Import   Export   Generation    Consumption



Electricity Bills At Error With Net FIT

Incorrect Net Metered Electricity BillAm I Using More Or Less Power? : Any Aussie householder will find it hard to answer this after installing a Net FIT solar power system

Bill Only Shows : Imported and exported power! What is incorrect on the electricity bill of many Net FIT households, is the fact the Daily kWh usage, NOW reflects IMPORTED POWER! NOT the total power consumed as stated still on th bill!

Get The Data To Make The Correct Decision : Such as :

  • Knowing how and when to reduce imported power
  • Knowing how and when to use your generated power
  • Knowing what appliances use most of your power
  • Knowing if you have enough power to support batteries


Maximise Your Solar Investment : Once you start offsetting imported electricity costs with your solar power, you will maximise the return of your Net FIT Solar Power investment! Simple.....



PVOutput For Detailed Analysis Of Solar And Consumed Power

Visit PVOutput To See Our Power Monitoring Clients OnlineGreat Solution : PVOutput is by far the best online Energy Monitoring Dashboard for solar power and / or consumption monitoring. The features and benefits are endless and ever developing :

  • Solar power and electricity consumption in graphical / tabulated forms
  • Supporting ALL Aussie electricity tariff types, with ability to compare
  • Live, daily, weekly, monthly and annual data
  • SYSTEM ALERTS email based
  • Mobile apps for IPhone / Android / Windows
  • Ability to compare and analyse solar generation
  • PC based LIVE data alert system. See PVStats & Solar Tray on our SOFTWARE page
  • See our ONLINE MONITORING page for more on PVOutput.


This Could Be Your Home!

PVOutput Electricity / Solar Monitoring Dashboard

Understand 100% Your Solar Power Investment And Electricity Consumption



Live Solar Power & Consumption On PVOutputSolar Inverter With Wi-Fi / Blueteeth : Your inverters data may be on-line in the cloud. If you are missing the consumption data we can add this. See if your data can be transferred to PVOutput HERE search for 'auto upload' in their help documentation.

Energy Monitoring Consumption Data : If your inverter is sending data to PVOutput you only need to add a HUB and the required consumption transmitter and current clamps.

We Configure And Setup Your Energy Dashboards : Making it easy for you! You simply login! See our SERVICES page.

See our ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING page for a better understanding of the features and benefits of PVOutput. Go HERE to see live consumption data using the HUB on PVOutput.



Worldwide Online Electricity Monitoring Setup ServiceWorldwide Solar Power / Consumption Online Monitoring Setup Service

We can add your solar power data to PVOutput. You may already have solar generation data on PVOutput but no consumption data. We can add the consumption data, thus you know when you are importing or exporting!

We offer you this service when:

  • You purchase one of our on-line Electricity Monitoring Solutions
  • You want to connect your existing compatible electricity monitoring system to PVOutput
  • You already have solar generation via blue tooth / wifi on PVOutput and are looking for the consumption data, to compute import / export

If you are short of the time or the expertise needed, visit SERVICES We simply remove the pain and hassle of the process for you, no matter where you live on this planet!



Cost Effective Monitoring Systems Which Are Plug N Play

Your Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard SolutionWhy Choose Aussie Home Energy : We have been offering solar power and consumption monitoring solutions for over seven years now and will configure your system for you, so you simply login!

Fully Tested And Configured : All options HERE are matched 100% to each client's needs. Eliminating for you :

  • Issues with monitoring system configuration
  • Technical aptitude issues or a lack of understanding
  • Being short of time


Eliminate Electrician Issues :  Easily test the system at installation time. Check solar inverter readings and correct consumption data, before any electrician leaves your home. Visit SUPPORT for electrician documentation. Highlighted with SOLAR



So What Makes Our Solar Monitoring Solutions No #1?

In Home Display Solar Power & Consumption To be honest a lot of our Solar PV Monitoring clients, are also our HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION AUDIT clients. Solar PV installation and monitoring is just another logical step in the home electricity reduction process.

Energy Monitoring Support : We back our Solar Power Monitoring Solutions with excellent support documentation. Where possible we enhance the product with additional features.

September 2017 : NEW Smart Solar Power triggering dashboard HERE

We will make sure you have easy access to all the information you need :

  • In Your Face
  • On Your Laptop
  • On Your Mobile



Choose $85 Or $425 For Each 1 kW Of Your Solar Power

Android Energy Monitoring App Showing Import, Export, Genration And ConsumptionUse It Or Export It : Nobody wants to export their solar power investment! Currently in NSW exported power is worth little.

Meaning each kWh of your solar power exported over the year when averaged [in NSW], is only going to give you a small financial return of $85 [based on 6 cents]! [Maths 1 X 3.9 X 365 X 0.06]

Now that same 1 kWh of power could be worth $425 when used to offset imported power costs [based on 30 cents per kWh]!

Energy Monitoring Delivers The Data And Savings : So hopefully you now see, why you need instant energy monitoring feedback?

Smart Apps : Using the Android app to the right is great for knowing when you are importing or exporting. Add to this our new SMART Solar Power auto triggering dashboard.

SMART Solar Power Dashboard : Send excess solar power directly to any 10A socket or Smart appliance in your home on auto-pilot! We developed this dashboard to help you maximise the use of your solar power and make bigger energy savings.







What Kind Of Energy Monitoring Solution Are You Looking For?

Endless Options : We have solutions that encompass more than one hardware platform. Whilst all options will be good for Gross FIT, not all calculate the maths for Net FIT.

Net FIT More Popular : As States in Australia move away from Gross FIT. Cheaper monitoring systems FAIL to give you ALL the information needed.



    LCD Energy Monitoring Solutions

  • Monitor solar and / or consumption
  • Optional PC / MAC software
  • Optional manufacturers online dashboard supporting five circuits / appliances



    Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard Solutions

  • Monitor solar and consumption, see import / export
  • Free manufacturers dashboard supporting five circuits / appliances
  • Optional PVOutput dashboard supporting Gross / Net metering
  • Optional SMART Solar Power excess export diversion and home automation

    Note: We configure the hardware and dashboards, you simply login. You can DIY if you like. Online data accessible via browsers or mobile apps.



    Solar Inverter Data Already On PVOutput? You Need Consumption Data?

  • Monitor solar and consumption, see import / export


Get A Quote For Monitoring Your Power
Monitor Your Home Electricity Now & Save!


Research Finds Inverters Are Often Forgotten

SMA Solar PV InverterInverter Faulty No Feedback : Our research shows householders DO NOT CHECK!. What happens when the inverter trips out and the electricity bill is not being checked, is a simple loss of financial return! Easy to fix!

Get Instant Alerts : Be alerted at once, reduce financial loss. Email alerts are the go with instant feedback via mobile app or browser.

Real-Time Data Weekly Reports : Both easily supplied.

5 Questions For You : Here to help you get the data you need.


  • #1 Do you want your electricity bill to alert you of solar inverter issues in 3 months time?
  • #2 When was the last time you checked your inverter?
  • #3 Why would you not monitor your solar power and consumption?
  • #4 How do you know if you are using more or less energy since installing solar power?
  • #5 Do you know when you are exporting / importing?

Visit ONLINE MONITORING SOLUTIONS for more on the features and benefits of PVOutput.


Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput



Need More Technical Information?

Visit SOLAR POWER for a fully detailed explanation of how ELECTRICITY OFFSETTING works, in a Net FIT environment.

Sizing A Solar Power System : Installing an electricity monitoring system in your home before you install Solar PV connected to a net meter, will help you size the system correctly. Making sure after installation your 'sunny hour' generated power is offsetting imported power costs only. Importantly not going back to the grid as unwanted excess power.

Sizing A Battery Bank : Your Solar Power Monitoring System will also supply you with the information needed for this task.

For more information see our NET FIT METERING page.



Aussie Home Energy : Solar Power Monitoring Solutions Australia


Office : 02 8064 3992      Mobile : 0428 449 422





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