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School Canteen Power Analysis


School Operated Canteens Or Private Tender

Aussie Home Energy's Solutions For NSW Public School Canteen Energy ReductionIn NSW a considerable quantity of public schools, choose to provide a canteen service. The school canteen can be operated by the school, or under a standard licence when leased to private companies, or run by a Parents and Citizens Association.

In 2013 365 NSW Public Schools chose to licence their canteens. While the licensee administers the canteen, the school's Principal maintains control over the agreement, including the types of food sold.



Total Power Costs For A School Canteen

Aussie Home Energy's Solutions For NSW Public School Canteen Electricity ReductionWhen the school canteen is licensed out to private tender, the costs of the needed power to operate the venture are a very important factor, as this could easily affect business viability.

The canteen may be connected to the school electricity supply, or via a separate power meter. If connected direct to the school supply, there is little way for canteen operators of knowing the true electricity cost of their business.

The options depending on the wiring of the school, are to have the canteen's electrical circuits metered separately. If this is not possible then to monitor individual canteen appliance usage and costs.

The solution here is our School Canteen Power Analysis service.



Canteen Appliance Efficiency And Operation

School Canteen Upright Drinks FridgeEven when the school canteen power is metered separately, this only relates to the total power usage and costs. Very little information is known about any of the canteens individual appliances power costs.

By monitoring each canteen appliance, the operator will be in an educated position, to decide on whether to upgrade any inefficient appliances.

Some of the appliances used in a school canteen maybe :

  • Electric / gas ovens
  • Hot water urns / kettles
  • Pie warmers
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Extractor fans

Large inefficient refrigeration appliances on for 24/7 can use considerably more power, than the latest new efficient low energy use appliances.

The majority of school canteens tend to heat foods, whilst keeping drinks and fruits cool. Appliances are therefore using electricity over a twenty four hour period or in the short time period of daily operations.



Other Factors Affecting Canteen Appliance Efficiency

Typical School Canteen Pie WarmerThe temperature within the canteen itself can be very hot due to the operation of ovens and pie warmers. This added heat creating stress not just on the operators but on any refrigeration appliances, which are trying to keep food / drinks cool. This stress on the refrigeration appliances creating more heat in the process of cooling. Refrigeration appliances are also constantly opened and closed during this activity period, thus the canteen gets hotter and more power is used.

Not forgetting older and less efficient refrigeration appliances generate more heat than newer more efficient ones.

This added heat making it uncomfortable for canteen operators and making the refrigeration appliance work harder to keep contents cool. Thus a closed loop of inefficiency, increasing canteen operational costs and discomfort.



Making The Canteen More Efficient And Comfortable

Whirly Bird for powerless air extractionSo what can be done about the rise in temperature within the canteen during any 24 / 7 period and that of operation, where the heat may become uncomfortable for it's operators? Well a  simple fan system connected to a temperature controlled switch, would allow for the air to be extracted over a set temperature trigger limit.

A cheaper option using no power would be the installation of a 'whirly bird' in a roof or wall. Thus allowing operators and appliances to operate in cooler environments more efficiently, with appliances thus consuming less power. A win win solution for lower power costs and happy operators.



Monitoring Canteen Appliances For Efficient Solutions

School Canteen Appliance Monitoring FormSchool canteen operators need to place a greater importance on knowing any electrical appliance's running costs, so as to make the business more efficient.

Our School Canteen Power Analysis service offers an array of electricity monitoring equipment where we or you can monitor the power used from all of the appliances in the school canteen.

Portable ovens, pie heaters, water heaters and refrigeration appliances can all be monitored with  accurate power measurement calculating usage and costs based on the monitoring period.

Suggested is a monitoring period for appliances in the school canteen of at least two weeks per appliance, for accurate assessment.

Use our School Canteen Appliance Monitoring Form to record any daily electricity meter and appliance monitoring figures where needed.

The energy monitors will calculate usage and costs from the initial install or a changeover of canteen appliance.



School Canteen Appliance Energy Monitoring

School Canteen Appliance Electricity MonitoringThe purpose of School Canteen Power Analysis is to supply the data needed, to be in a position to make decisions on the energy efficiency of the school's canteen power costs. Individual appliance energy monitoring systems will collect this data.

The electricity monitoring equipment Aussie Home Energy we install or supply is easy to operate and collects the required data automatically from any individual appliance. Real-time costs, kWh usage data and forecast costs for the quarter [electricity billing period] and year, based on usage, are easily displayed on the energy monitors screen at any time.

Once installed we will either show you or inform you of how to operate the appliance monitoring equipment. Making sure you know how to read and collect the data along with a simple reset of any monitor. This reset being needed should you choose to relocate the monitor onto another canteen appliance.

Programming the monitoring equipment is as easy as entering your school canteen's electricity tariff and this is only done once!

Our choice of energy monitoring equipment suitable for a School Canteen Power Analysis is based on accurate data and ease of operation.

When you are sited outside of our service, we offer you the chance to simply hire the canteen appliance energy monitoring equipment.

We supply full instructions and data recording sheets for the easy daily recording of displayed monitor data, should you require it. Once you have the information you need from our canteen electricity monitors, you simply return them to our office, via Australia Post.

Our fees involve an initial on-site setup fee and weekly rental fee per appliance monitor.

CONTACT US NOW to see how we can help you assess your school canteens power costs.


Aussie Home Energy : School Canteen Power Analysis


Office: 02-8064-3992  02-8064-3992     Mobile: 0428-449-422  0428-449-422


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