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Home Appliance Monitoring Power

Single Appliance Power Monitoring Solutions


This page relates to our electricity monitoring solutions available for single 10A / 15A or group of 240V socket based appliances.

We currently are offering you:



You Need To
Measure It
To Manage It!


Power-Mate Appliance Monitors

The Power-Mate range of portable electricity monitors for homes and small business, offers you a fantastic range of appliance power monitoring solutions.

Power Mate PM10 / 15A Appliance Electricity MonitorSome of the important features included in this range of powerful portable appliance power monitors are:


  • Easy solution for checking individual appliances
  • No batteries, as powered by the mains wall socket
  • No lost data due to non-volatile memory
  • Portable, rugged and built to last
  • Simple to program and use [Lite version even simpler]
  • Accurate power calculations taking the power factor and in-rush currents into account
  • Captures the peak output of voltage, current and power
  • Quarterly, yearly and accumulated appliance running costs
  • Measures down to 0.01 watt
  • Investigation into an appliance's power factor, apparent power and reactive power
  • Possibly the world's most accurate portable energy monitor product range, according to the manufacturer
  • Accurate calculation of an appliance's electricity usage up to a amazing 0.2% accuracy
  • 10 Amp / 15 Amp Aussie power socket versions available
  • Independently samples voltage and current 4800 times per second


All of the Power-Mate range of monitors look the same, except for the Power-Mate Lite. The differences are mainly internal regarding the current ratings and the inclusion of serial comms. Designed and built by Australians after seeing the need for an accurate professional range of energy auditing tools. According to the manufacturer this powerful monitor range could be:

The Most Accurate Appliance Monitor In The World!


Choosing An Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solution



What We Like About The Power Mate Electricity Monitor

Basically the accuracy and choice of output data. Some home power monitors only allow you to see the power being used at a particular time, based on current power usage. And if you wish to look at historical details, this can only be done with the monitor and also via PC based software.

The Power-Mate range of appliance power monitors easily allows you to see,

Power, Voltage, Current, Energy, Cost, CO2
Power Factor, Apparent Power, Reactive Power


A great feature of the Power Mate range of monitors is the 'piggy-back' power plug, where you can easily access hard to get to power point and still read the data on the monitor.

The Power-Mate Energy Monitor is the ideal tool for performing a DIY ELECTRICITY AUDIT. Performing a DIY audit is where a lot of our clients make their most astonishing electricity reduction savings! After that it is a matter of making small adjustments and staying on the road of home electricity reduction.



Power Mate Lite 10A

Power Mate PM10L Appliance Electricity MonitorReduce your energy and carbon footprint with the exceptionally accurate portable Power-Mate energy usage meter.

Receive immediate, accurate feedback to identify energy wasting appliances and put strategies in place that will reduce your energy consumption without having to wait until the next, costly, electricity bill comes in.

Easily identify which appliances need protection from dangerous power surges, as it can display the maximum and minimum voltages recorded whilst in use. View instantly the appliance's costs per hour, quarter or year.

The Power-Mate Lite is designed for busy households. To get started you simply input your kilowatt-hour rate, as shown on your last energy bill and you are ready to go, measuring each of your home appliances.

The Power Mate Lite has,

  • A back lit multi-lined LCD screen
  • Simply easy 3 button operation
  • Simplified menus
  • Non-volatile memory meaning no lost data
  • Easy to use preset time periods of 1,8,12,24 hours / 2,5,7,14 & 28 days



Power Mate 10A / 15A

Accurate measurement of mains power usage, with either a 10A or 15A connection.

Measures Watts, Volts, Amps, Total Cost & Cost per Hour, Cost Per Quarter
Cost per Year, Energy, Greenhouse Gas generation, Run Time, Power Factor
Apparent Power, Reactive Power

Many small business owners suffering from rising electricity costs often do not know where to start an investigation to why the energy costs are so high.

By using the Power-Mate home power monitor you can take back control through accurate measurement. It is now possible to determine the actual running costs of equipment or even identify faulty appliances that are using more power than they should.

The Power-Mate 10A & 15A models accurately covers the range of loads from 100mW to 3.6kW, or currents from 1mA to 15 Amps. With the unit's Max and Min features, start up and surge currents of electrical items are automatically captured for display.



Give Yourself The Power To Answer Your Questions

Are you looking for an easy solution to answer questions such as,

  • What are each of my appliances costing me to operate?
  • How much will I need to adjust the thermostat to really lower costs?
  • What is the mains voltage fluctuations to my home and is it stable?
  • Is the power used, the same as stated on the appliance's label?
  • Am I wasting power in standby mode and what is this costing me for the year?



POWER-MATE LITE 10A - PML10A [Appliance 10A Socket]

ONLY $137.00 + P&P

A trimmed down version [less functions / complex readings of data] of the PM10A for householders. Internally rated @ 10A. Fitted with a 10A power plug and socket.







POWER-MATE 10A - PM10A [Appliance 10A Socket]

ONLY $227.00 + P&P

Internally rated @ 10A. Fitted with a 10A power plug and socket.







POWER-MATE 10AHD - PM10AHD [Appliance 10A Socket]

ONLY $297.00 + P&P

Internally rated @ 15A. Fitted with a 10A power plug and socket.







POWER-MATE 10AHDS - PM10AHDS [Appliance 10A Socket]

ONLY $457.00 + P&P

Internally rated @ 15A. Fitted with a 10A power plug and socket. Supplied with comms cable and software for PC connectivity.







POWER-MATE 15A - PM15A [Appliance 15A Socket]

ONLY $307.00 + P&P

Internally rated @ 15A. Fitted with a 15A power plug and socket.







Monitor Pouch With Extended 12 M Warranty

ONLY $39.95

The best protection for your Power Mate monitor. One pouch with the standard 12 M warranty extended to 24 M in total.






Aussie Household Wasted Power

What Could You Be Saving?Most householders are not aware of the costs of 24/7 standby wasted power! Amazingly based on a thirty cent per kWh electricity tariff you could be losing money very, very, fast and yet be totally unaware of the fact!:

  • 100W of standby will cost you OVER $300 per year!
  • 200W of standby will cost you MORE THAN $600 per year!
  • 300W of standby will cost you A STAGGERING $920 per year!
  • 400W of standby will cost you A HOLIDAY $1200 per year!


Visit STANDBY POWER to learn more on this wasted power, amazingly often hidden in many Aussie homes.


Start Recording It To Reduce It!



Single Appliance 10A Socket Monitoring Solutions

Aussie Home Energy Appliance Plug-In Style Monitoring SolutionsNot All Power Meters Are The Same : Whilst there are a lot of power meters out there that look the same, they are not internally the same. It is important to make sure any 10A socket based power meter is going to measure what is termed 'power factor'. With a power meter not measuring power factor, your readings are going to be inaccurate on certain appliances within the home.

The single appliance Aussie power monitor we offer, monitors power factor accurately in a home based environment. Included is a rechargeable battery for data retention, during any unforeseen power outage. Some monitors do not include this latter option and lose the data!

Easy To Operate : This easy to use home electricity power monitor, is designed to be simply plugged into any Aussie style 10A wall socket. Once powered up you simply enter your electricity kWh rate. You will be able to monitor single appliances, or power block appliances [TV, DVD, PVR, Foxtel] with any maximum rating not totaling more than 2400W / 10A.

This power point monitor, is a simple solution to learning the true costs of your appliances such as:

  • Entertainment appliances
  • Old beer fridge
  • Wine cellar
  • Garage freezer


You will have the information you need, to know what each appliance is really costing you to run and whether there is any standby power. We recommend moving your plug-in electricity monitor to a different appliance, or group of appliances after recording the power used on the Appliance Monitoring Forms forms included.

Printed Recording Forms : We supply the monitor with printed Appliance Monitoring Forms, allowing you increase your knowledge fast. Knowledge that can further help you reduce your electricity bills!

Having an easy to read LCD display with large characters [figures up to 12mm high], means there is no confusion as to what data you are looking at. You do not need a 'Certificate in Pilates' to read any small screened, power monitor near the floor anymore!

Your Aussie Home Energy monitor will easily show you:

  • Monitoring time [since the last reset]
  • Real-time power in watts
  • High / Low power readings [Low could be standby power in some cases]
  • Voltage
  • Current in Amps
  • Frequency in Hz
  • Power factor
  • Total $$$ cost [since the last reset]
  • Total kWh used [since the last reset]


Easy As 1 2 3 : All you do is plug in the monitor and enter your cost per kWh taken off your electricity bill, for example 34 cents. The monitor includes a rechargeable battery allowing for data retention during any outage.

AHE Notes : The tariff setting is for a fixed tariff only [ie flat rate of 34 cents] and does not support multiple tariff settings. Where you are on a TOU Tariff, we would suggest you set the kWh rate to somewhere between your shoulder and peak tariff. This will allow you to get a good enough idea of the costs. Remember the primary goal of any electricity reduction exercise, is to educate you and not to match the electricity bill. That is what the meter is for in the powerbox!


Aussie Home Energy Appliance Plug In MonitoringAppliance 10A Socket Electricity Monitor With DIY Audit Forms

ONLY $64.95 Plus P&P


    10A Aussie style socket based appliance monitor bundled with DIY appliance energy auditing forms.

  • 1 X Plug-In Style Monitor
  • 2 X Printed Appliance Energy Auditing forms
  • FREE Australia wide delivery






Detailed instructions are included with the monitor or available for download via our SUPPORT page.


Enhancing Your Single Appliance 10A Socket Monitor

Aussie Home Energy Individual Appliance DIY Audit FormControlling Rising Electricity Costs : By using your appliance power monitor to analyse electricity usage in your home and keeping a record of the data, you will have the best chance of staying one step ahead of the never ending rising home electricity costs here in Australia.

Stopping you from being a householder whom just pays the bills. A householder whom in the past had little knowledge as to why the power bill was so high!

Easily become an ELECTRICITY SMART HOUSEHOLDER TODAY! One whom will know exactly how to keep electricity costs to a minimum in the future!

We include individual Appliance Monitoring Forms as part of the package, so you can use the monitor to perform your own DIY Home Appliance Audit. This unlocks the power of the monitor and really helps you learn more fast! You can download additional copies of the form from our SUPPORT page.

Easy Maths : On the form the maths is easily explained! You simply enter the real-time data from the monitor's display as you move from appliance to appliance. Nice n' easy as your ready to start saving off the electricity bill asap!


Aussie Home Energy : Home Appliance Power Monitoring Systems Australia


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