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Electricity Supply Metering And Billing Problems


Problems With The Electricity Bill?  Billing errors, tariff issues, metering issues, wiring issues can all effect the end result, the electricity bill with higher than expected costs!

You may of course not have a clue, like many other Aussie householders, but simply know your electricity bill costs have risen, when little has happened under the roof.

Visit our other electricity information pages, for areas of concern raised by Aussie householders.


Increasing Number Of Inquiries : Aussie homes are raising electricity cost concerns when :

  • There are unforeseen high costs, with no change to the kWh rate or usage. [See #1]
  • Billing issues arise after a TOU METER has replaced old style off-peak / on-peak meter
  • There are constant brown outs / spikes, which could damage appliances over time
  • There is incorrect billing for off-peak appliances
  • Issues arise after transferring from one electricity retailer to another
  • Billing issues after installing a Solar Power system
  • #1 : Assuming no electrical circuit / appliance at fault.


Electricity Problems Easily Discovered!   Why Our Electricity Audits Work!



Who Is Responsible For What?

The Electricity Distributor : Responsible for the what is often termed the 'poles and wires'. The distributor or their representative reads your meter. These meter readings are then forwarded to your chosen electricity retailer, whom bills you.

So if your question relates more so to the hardware of the electricity distribution system for your home, ie the poles, wires and meters, then it is often the electricity distributor whom is going to be in a better position to answer your questions. The electricity retailer is often only going to know about what they have on record. What you have installed can be from our experience, quite different from what the electricity retailers record shows you have installed. So our recommendation here is call the distributor first, if your thinking hardware.

In NSW your three electricity distributors are Ausgrid, Essential Energy and Endeavour.

The Electricity Retailer : Responsible for the billing. In NSW there are many electricity retailers to choose from. All with different tariff plans, prices per kWh, discount and levels of customer service. Apples for sure are not apples always with electricity retailers, so good homework pays off!

Two Different Bodies Supplying Your Power : Electricity is supplied to your home under two different contracts. One with the distributor and one with the retailer. The latter often stating in their Terms and Conditions:

"This contract does not cover the physical connection of your premises to the distribution system, including metering equipment and the maintenance of that connection and the supply of energy to your premises. This is the role of your distributor under a separate contract called a customer connection contract."



What Can You Do When You Have Problems?

Contact The Electricity Retailer : First recommendation in all cases is you contact your electricity retailer. You may need to speak to your electricity distributor for further clarification, if you have questions more focused on the hardware installed at your premises. Though distributors do not tend to operate client based customer service centres.

Complain At A Higher Level : Your electricity retailer gives you the right to take any complaint to a higher level at any time. You will see such explanations on their website as:

"Taking your concern to a higher level. If you are not happy at any stage with the way we are investigating your concern, you may have your complaint handled at a higher level by the relevant manager. You may request this at any time by calling or writing to us."


Contact The Ombudsman : If you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion, after speaking to either the electricity retailer or distributor, then your State's Energy Ombudsman can assist you further.

Records, Bills And Facts : Before calling your State's Ombudsman make sure you have records and information at hand, to substantiate your claim. We recommend you address issues ASAP, as you could be missing out on potential electricity savings, due to errors.



Information Needed When Compiling A Complaint

  • Contact details
  • Name of electricity retailer
  • A brief description of the problem in logical order
  • Sought after outcome


Keep Detailed Records During The Investigation : Anyone you contact for discussion. All electricity bills, letters and emails could be vital evidence to your claim.

Your Privacy : For privacy reasons the Ombudsman you use, may choose to ask you for confirmation of your authority to act in making the complaint. This may either be asked for verbally or by completing an Authority to Act Form [See NSW EWON's HERE]



Let Us Represent You?

At Aussie Home Energy we know many of you are just to busy to bother compiling a complaint. Or you may have been meaning to get around to it for sometime, but have not as of yet. If this is the case you need our Ombudsman Representation Service. Let us be your advocate, CONTACT US for more information or visit our SERVICES page.

When you choose for Aussie Home Energy to act on your behalf, representing you with respect to your claim, the Ombudsman will ask for you for verbal or written confirmation of this request. Once completed we will be in a situation to act on your behalf.

You will be notified by the Ombudsman that normally their services are free and since you are choosing to use us as your advocate, they will respect this and deal with us directly on your behalf.



Looking For Help To Fix Electricity Metering Or Billing Issues?

Power Audit AdvertIf you do not have the time or a suitable understanding to analyse your electricity bills correctly, when you are 100% sure there is an issue, then you need to visit :






Reading / Recording Your Daily Electricity Meter Usage

Residential Electricity Meter Recording SheetRecording Your Meter Readings : This can help you out easily and is highly recommended with an electricity billing issue. We have made it easy for you, by creating a form to note down your daily electricity meter usage figures.


For reading your type of electricity meter see the following posts on our blog and the pdf download. All meters are different, but follow a similar principle to record data.








Australian Electricity Ombudsmen


Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW [EWON]

Website :

PO Box K1343 Haymarket NSW 1240

Freecall : 1800 246 545
Freefax : 1800 812 291

Email :


Essential Services Consumer Council ACT [ESCC]

Website : None

Level 6 Eclipse House, 197 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601
PO Box 578 Civic Square ACT 2608

Phone : 02 6207 7740
Fax : 02 6207 7739

Email :


Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria [EWOV]

Website :

GPO Box 469 Melbourne 3001

Freecall: 1800 500 509
Freefax: 1800 500 549

Email :


Energy Ombudsman Tasmania [EOT]

Website :

Henty House, 1 Civic Square, Launceston TAS

Phone : 1300 766 725
Fax : 03 6336 2038

99 Bathurst Street, Hobart TAS 7000

GPO Box 960 Hobart TAS 7001

Phone : 1300 766 725
Fax : 03 6233 8966

Email :


Energy And Water Ombudsman SA [EWOSA]

Website :

GPO Box 2947 Adelaide SA 5001

Phone : Freecall 1800 665 565 : 08 8216 1888
Fax : 1800 665 165 : 08 8216 1844

Email :


Energy Ombudsman Western Australia [EO]

Website :

PO Box Z5386 Street Georges Tce Perth WA 6831

Freecall : 1800 754 004
Freefax : 1800 611 279
Phone : 08 9220 7588
Fax : 08 9220 7599

Email :


Ombudsman NT

Website :

GPO Box 1344 Darwin NT 0801

Phone : 08 8999 1818
Fax : 08 8999 1828



Energy & Water Ombudsman Queensland [EWOQ]

Website :

PO Box 3640 South Brisbane QLD 4101

Freecall : 1800 662 837
Fax : 07 3227 7068

Email :


State Electricity Distributors And Retailers

We are often asked for more information on home electricity retailers, from householders wishing to source a better home electricity agreement. Listed on our ELECTRICITY SUPPLIERS page are the main Australian Electricity distributors and retailers, sorted by State.


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